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What is linear motion?

The object only makes linear movement in one direction, and its motion can be described by position, speed, and acceleration at any time.

The types of linear motion

Common types of linear motion include horizontal motion, free fall, vertical thrown, and bevel motion.

Types of guideways

ABBA linear guide (as known as Linear guideways or linear way) used for transmission purposes have different types according to different applications.

▶ Standard ball series - BR series linear guides can not only be used in general machine but in various machines;
▶ Ball caged series - BC series is standard rail and blocks with caged balls. It can increase the smoothness and is suitable for low noise occasions.
▶ Miniature series - BM series with robust ball retention system can be used in more precise Medical and Laboratory equipment due to the advantages of volume, precision and corrosion resistance.
▶ Cam roller series - Due to the adjustable roller clearance on block, Cam roller guides can be use in application with flexible demand.
▶ Round shaft series - It also known as Round type Linear guides or round shaft linear bearings. The structure is combined with round linear rail and bearings. Which can be applied in high load and high impacts capability occasion.

Types of linear bearing

A linear bearing (linear-motion bearing , ball bearing or linear slide) is a bearing designed to provide free motion in one direction. Motorized linear slides such as machine slides, X-Y tables, roller tables and some dovetail slides are bearings moved by drive mechanisms. ABBA is one of the linear bearing manufacturers and linear bearing suppliers. ABBA bearing is the kind of self lubricating linear bearings with excellent wear resistance, High load capacity, Low friction and so on advnatages.

▶ Self-Lubricated linear bearing catalog
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What is the proper temperature for the linear guide? Is sub-zero temperature applicable?

The standard applicable temperature is within -20 to 80 degree; we should be mindful of actual temperature in where we are and choose appropriate lubricant to fill.

BR Standard type Linear guide – built-in self-lubrication

The BR standard linear guide has a built-in self-lubrication
system, no need to lubricate the pipeline system, and automatically maintain the lubricating oil film protection on the track surface for a long time, effectively extending the relubrication interval, and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Is it feasible to utilize ABBA linear guide in particular environment?

ABBA always provides the best solution for customers while using linear guide in particular environment such as chrome-plating process for anti-corrosion. Please contact ABBA for immediate support for your needs.

BR optional self lubricated system

Multiple advantages of application
1. It is easy for end users to install or replace the kit, and the BR lubricant reservoir can be replaced without removing the entire block.
2. Due to the high oil content of lubricant reservoir, it can effectively extended the relubrication interval, and the relubrication interval can be up to 4,000km.
3. By optimizing the film forming method, we can reduce the waste of lubrication oil, prevent environmental pollution, and be friendly to the environment.
4. The usage of high-performance lubrication oil that meets ISO3448 and viscosity grade 680 can make the oil and the block perfectly compatible. Allowable temperature range: -10~50⁰C (continuous operation) or -10~80⁰C (short-term operation)

How does a ball screw work?

The common structure of Ball screw- include internal and external circulation. Ball screw is a kind of steel ball placed between the nut and the screw to operate, which will be in a rolling contact mode. And then the rotating motion of the steel ball inside the nut is converted into a linear motion transmission component. General Motors are all rotating motions. But if you want the linear motion positioning, it is better to use screws. It's okay to use chains or belts, but the accuracy of the screw is much better.

How to preserve the linear guide while purchasing it but not using it at once?

Linear guide products have been through preservative treated before leaving ABBA factory, if customers will not use the products within a month, we highly suggest our customers to do regular anti-rusty work in light of temperature in different area. Please contact ABBA for further information.

How to do ball screw preload

In order to get high positioning accuracy, there are twoways to reach it. One is commonly known as to clear axial play to zero. The other one is to increase Ball Screw rigidity to reduce elastic deformation while taking axial load. Both two ways are done by preloading. For detail information please refer to ABBA ball screw catalog.

How to do the ball screw nut housing

The housing method is an important point when selecting the appropriate ball screw specifications. For the example, please refer to section 6.2.1 of catalogue. When the conditions of usage need to be judged under strict conditions or when the judgment conditions are unclear in a special installation method, please contact ABBA.

Can we re-configure the block when it is moved away from the rail?

The interchangeable type of block and rail are packed separately. Even customers install it by themselves; they still can reach accuracy standard as expected.rnFor non-interchangeable type of block and rail, ABBA already has implemented installation and measurement. When customers receive the product, any improper behavior to disassemble, interchange or change block direction will affect product warranty.

How to do the ball screw maintenance

Ball screws generally take lubrication as the focus of maintenance

Lithium base lubricants are used for Ball Screw lubrication.Their viscosity are 30~40 cst ( 40˚C ) and ISO grades of 32~100.The chapter 6.5.4 table of catalogue shows the general indicators of lubricant inspection and replenishment intervals. Please wiping off the old lubricant attached to the screw shaft during replenishment before replenishing.

Is there any solution for the issue when customer can’t regularly fill lubricant on product due to the restriction against the environment?

Linear rail lubrication is pretty important for equipment operation. We suggest our customer to take account of BR self-lubricant system, BR self-lubricating kit is run by a high oil content of reservoir and optimization of film forming design adequate and proper amount of lubricant to grooves of rails, make supplementary periodically up to 4000km, end users can install or replace BR lubrication reservoir kit by themselves easily and directly without moving the block out. Please contact ABBA for obtaining further information.

The demand for linear guide or ball screw repair

If the linear guide or ball screw of ABBA needs to be repaired, do not disassemble by yourself. Please contact your local ABBA authorized distributors.

What should be possessed for being ABBA distributor?

With more than 20 year’s experiences, global distribution channel and a complete mentoring system, ABBA welcomes any business entities and distributors who are interested in linear guide business to join us and create unlimited business opportunity in the future.

What is the lifetime of a ball screw

Even though the Ball Screw has been used with correct manner, it shall naturally be worn out and can no longer be used for a specified period. its life is defined by the period from starting use to ending use caused by nature fail.
a. Fatigue life - Time period for surface flaking off happened either on balls or on thread grooves.
b. Accuracy life - Time period for serious loosing of accuracy caused by wearing happened on thread groove surface, hence to make Ball Screw can no longer be used.

You can find the ball screw calculation for lifetime at page 102 of catalogues

What is the coefficient of friction for profile rail carriages?

The coefficient of friction μ for profile rail carriages (linear guide) is different according to load ratio. It can refer to the figure in 1.19 chapter of catalogue (P.25).

Linear ball bearing applications

Linear bearing is suitable for vacuum and clean rooms applications. Applicable applications include Automation Machines, Transfer Equipment, Vice, Robotic Arms, Robots, Positioning Device, Automotive, Office Equipment, Semiconductor manufacturing, Bio-Chemical Plant, Food Processing Plant, and Fabric Manufacturing related applications.

Linear motion lubricants

▶Linear guide lubrication : s BR blocks are factory pre-lubricated with Grease No.2 and the lubricant reservoir is factory
pre-lubricated with Grease No.00. (Please refer to Chapter 1.21 - page 26 for detail information)

▶Lubricant for linear bearings : Lubrications are not required; When linear ball bearing coupled with proper lubrication, it can also reduce friction and increases service life

Ball screw pitch calculations

The pitch is defined as the axial distance between the crests of adjacent threads.

Ball screw vs lead screw

The key difference between a ball screw and a lead screw is in the way the load is carried between the moving surfaces. A ball screw uses recirculating ball bearings to minimize friction and maximize efficiency while a lead screw depends on low coefficients of friction between sliding surfaces. ABBA rolled ball screw offers smoother ball running, provides better solution and quality for long lead or large diameter.